CAplus – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC)

Medium & High Voltage Motors

Our new CAplus offers the highest efficiency and power factor for significant energy savings

> Power rating: 200 – 2.200 kW
> Voltage: up to 6,6 kV

technical data

Power rating

225 – 2.200 kW


up to 6,6 kV


2.700 – 8.790 kg

Number of poles


Frame Size

315 – 500 mm

IEC Frame

Degree of protection



Ex n (as standard)

Mounting arrangement


p.3 background

The CAplus is available in four basic configurations


General Purpose Ultra High Efficiency (IE5)

Base model for general purpose applications, copper cage


General Purpose High Efficiency (IE4)

Base model for general purpose applications, aluminum cage


API® 541 V Edition full compliance

Base model for exacting oil and gas applications.


Demand Performance

Top of the class for efficiency and power factor, this model meets the most stringent customer requirements like Shell Dep standards

Product Overview

With its recent release of the new CAplus motor, Nidec Conversion has expanded its family of Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motors offering even better efficiency and reliability. Designed for applications with quadratic torque loads like centrifugal pumps, compressors and fans, the CAplus is a popular industrial solution for end users, engineering firms and OEMs due to its very low vibration and noise level performance.

Desalination Plant

Specifically designed for aggressive environments & heavy duty

CAplus motors offer global functionality that meet or exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. These products are expected to be in great demand by the oil & gas, water treatment and industrial process industries because their innovative design offers very high efficiency, power factor and competitive cost. The rugged, fabricated frames motors undergo our standard aggressive-environment painting cycle making them well suited to withstand abrasive atmospheres.

CAplus cramped spaces

One of the highest efficiency on the market today

The CAplus delivers high performance in terms of power factor and efficiency that puts the machine at the top of its class. Its innovative cooling system dissipates heat more effectively to achieve greater efficiency (more than 97% with a power factor of 0.89), which can translate into savings up to $ 12.000 per year. The motor has a fabricated steel frame offering optimum performance in terms of vibration and mechanical strength.


photo courtesy of Sinergia Srl
Terrestrial globe and field

Circular Economy Committed

The CAplus has been designed with the environment in mind: built using state-of the-art technology, it achieves maximum performance with minimum environmental impact.

  • Highest kW/kg means maximum performance is achieved from the material used
  • Optimized cooling, minimal insulation materials
  • More than 95% of the material used can be recycled at the end of motor’s life

Innovative cooling system

Our new CAplus series uses an innovative cooling shroud and tubing system to increase the performance and extend the life of the motor.

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