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Nidec Industrial Solutions sets new mid-and long-term CO₂ reduction targets

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Nidec Industrial Solution embraces Nidec Corporation’s sustainability strategy, completely embedded in the development strategy of the Company, promoting Environment Social Governance (ESG) management, centered on carbon neutrality.

In particular, we have set new mid- and long-term CO₂ reduction targets.

We aim to achieve net-zero CO₂ emissions for the entire supply chain by 2050.

By 2030, compared to the baseline of 2022, we aim to reduce emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 42% and also reduce emissions in Scope 3 by 25%.

NIS, for 2024 has set specific focus both on its operations, reducing Scope 1 and 2, implementing renewable energy solutions and adopting energy-saving measures, and on its value chain, reducing Scope 3 emissions.

Our R&D fully embraces ESG strategy:

  • On Category 1 of Scope 3 we want to reduce the amount of materials used, increasing the power density, reducing volumes and weight, searching for carbon free materials.
  • On Category 11 of Scope 3 our main focus is improving the energy efficiency of our products, using low-resistance and low-losses components, using innovative patterns to reduce semiconductor losses, reducing cooling absorption.


Since long time, sustainability has been lying at the core of our business. We contribute to the decarbonization of the world with our technologies and solutions, which include, for example, our electric motor-drive systems that replace diesel, gas, and steam turbines, our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), our Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI), as well as our Shore-to-ship technologies, which help reduce CO₂ emissions from harbors. Additionally, we focus on revamping old hydro generators to enhance the production of hydropower, thus reducing the CO₂ footprint of conventional products in society.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that Nidec Group will apply for Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) the international climate change initiative, for its mid-term targets, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.


Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS) is the commercial platform, led by Nidec Asi, offering complete, customized electrical systems for energy efficiency in all fields. Its target markets are petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy, steel, marine and industrial automation. The multinational company specializes in heavy-duty applications with electric motors and generators up to 65 MW power (87,000 hp), electronic power converters and inverters, automation and software for industrial processes, and the retrofitting of power plants and hydroelectric generators. In addition, the company has strong know-how in the field of integrated systems for the production and storage of electrical energy (i.e. BESS) from renewable sources and their integration into electricity grids, as well as in the design and implementation of infrastructures for recharging electrical machines. Nidec ASI is also able to offer optimized technologies for motor control and to develop automation solutions for specific applications, customized to the client’s needs.