Revamping and Upgrades

Enhancing equipment life for higher efficiency, reliability, safety


Industry-specific experience in revamping projects

Deep experience in turn-key automation and control solutions as well as stand-alone drives and motors combined with our production know-how means we tailor upgrades to your specific needs. When we perform an upgrade project our goal is to minimize downtime and maximize production and maintainability. Our broad range of capabilities include:
• Revamping and upgrades of motors and generators
• Revamping and upgrades of drives and automation systems
• Revamping and upgrades of plant automation systems
• Revamping and upgrades of power quality systems

Highly organized revamping for very short outage time

When the modification effects the entire plant, our engineers develop a technical proposal in collaboration with the customer to minimize downtime and production costs. A detailed step-by-step project plan is created that accounts for scheduled shutdowns, short maintenance stops, plant safety requirements and plant operation constraints.