High Speed Motors

Medium & High Voltage Motors

Electric motor-drive systems: solutions to reduce capital investment and Life Cycle Costs

> Power rating: 500 – 75.000 kW
> Voltage: up to 15 kV

High Speed Motors


Nidec has consolidated experience in high speed machines systems with demonstrated performance out in the field of more than twenty years. The use of an electric-drive solution rather than a gas turbine offers significant savings in OPEX and downtime for maintenance. They can also be an important element in reducing CO2 emissions. Nidec has long been recognized for its custom engineering capabilities. In addition to its expertise in high speed machines, the company also has a vast experience in designing machines for direct coupling which eliminates the need for a gear box. Another area where the company has been highly successful – electric motor-drive systems for slurry pumps. Helping customers identify solutions that reduce their overall capital investment and contribute to reducing Life Cycle Costs, is an important part of our corporate strategy.

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