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Pareto Efficiency Solutions

Pareto Efficiency: maximum efficiency & specific power with lower life cycle energy costs

To achieve optimal performance, modern calculation techniques are being introduced in the motor design process to identify the best trade-off between specific system and cost constraints and customer technical needs. The optimal design is defined using a multi-objective stochastic optimization algorithm: given a set of choices and of evaluation’s criteria, the Pareto frontier selects the optimum position among the available characteristics and possibilities. The concept comes from Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923), and Italian engineer and economist, and was first applied in economics’ studies, then enlarged to other fields such as engineering design.
Not only can our machines be designed to meet the necessary output parameters (such as starting torque, efficiency, power factor…), but also to optimize material usage, in order to maximize the kW/kg ratio to make better use of raw materials, like copper, aluminum and silicon iron, that represent a significant part of the motor cost and impact recycling at its end-of-life.

Our special rotating machines are designed using modern computer aided engineering methods:

  • Thermo-fluid dynamics;
  • Structural;
  • Electromagnetics;
  • Rotodynamics.

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