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Nidec to surpass 500 MWh in battery energy storage solutions in 2017



The industrial solutions multinational signed another contract for the supply of a turn – key photovoltaic plant (PV) with battery energy storage (BESS) in Corsica Island

Recently Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS) and Corsica Sole, project developer and IPP, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the turn key construction and maintenance of four photovoltaic projects with batterie storage which are part of 13 MWp Corsica Sole’s project pipeline awarded under the French CRE ZNI tender.
NIS and Corsica Sole have recently finalized and signed an EPC Contract, related to one of these projects, with a capacity of 4.78MWp(PV) + 7.5MWh(BESS), located near Bastia one of the biggest electricity consumption center in Corsica. “This project, and those to come next, demonstrate that it is already technologically possible, economically feasible and socially beneficial today to achieve 100% renewable energy mix.” says Michael Coudyser, CEO of CORSICA SOLE.
NIS scope of works is EPC and 2 years of Maintenance including supply NIS manufacturing product, namely 1.5 kV inverter, ARTICS Smart Energy, Nidec’s Power Management System for smart microgrids and energy storage, in addition to design, construction, installation and commissioning. The plant is expected to be fully operational by April 2018. “We consider this project” – concludes Matteo Rizzi, Nidec
Industrial Solutions Director Global Sales PV & BESS – “a significant step in the consolidation of our leadership in renewable energies”. The construction of the other three projects, will start in 2018.
Nidec Industrial Solutions is currently the world’s leading suppliers of PV, battery energy storage solutions and smart microgrids with an installed base in BESS of more than 430 MWh already in operation and another 59 MWh expected to come on line later this year.
Nidec Industrial Solutions success is the result of extensive expertise in automation and power quality along with a strong capacity for R&D. At the end of last year launched 2 new applications for Power Conversion System (PCS): the ES1000 inverter, specifically designed to maximize grid performance and offers primary, secondary and tertiary frequency regulation, and the GS1500, a 1500V Power Conversion Systems for PV plants. The new GS1500 has already met with success, bringing the company to have more than 200 MWPV installed around the world.

Nidec ASI changed its name in 2012, when Nidec acquired the company Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali (ASI). Worldwide, the company delivers customized solutions for an extensive range of industrial applications. It operates in markets involving petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy production, iron and steel, naval and industrial automation sectors. The multinational is specialized in heavy industrial applications demanding high power and high performance, including electric motors and generators up to 65 MW (87,000 horsepower), inverters and electronic power converters, automation and industrial process management software, power plant and hydroelectric generator retrofitting and integrated.

CORSICA SOLE. Since 2009, CORSICA SOLE designs, develops and operates photovoltaic power plants. CORSICA SOLE currently operates a portfolio of solar power plants representing 50 MW with or without storage. CORSICA SOLE invests heavily in research and development in various fields, such as electric vehicle charging, energy storage and remote monitoring of power plants, in order to continually innovate and deliver concrete solutions in renewable energies.


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