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Nidec brings sustainability inside corporate training. Together with Treedom, Nidec Conversion will plant 100 trees to mark the beginning of the training journey aimed at increasing awareness on environmental issues


Nidec Conversion has embarked on a team-building journey with its employees to raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and has chosen to do so in partnership with Treedom, the first platform that allows people to plant trees remotely to help fight climate change, while also following their growth online.

During the team building experience, which took place in Liguria, Italy, twenty Nidec employees participated in activities aimed at consolidating leadership and teamwork dynamics, improving communication and observation in order to make work processes more effective.

The workshop, which focused on social issues, also had a green heart: employees, divided into groups, had the opportunity to take a kayaking experience in the bays of Genova to observe the proliferation of algae and learn how to recognize their impact in different ecosystems. This activity gave participants a better understanding of the reality of climate change and the impact of pollution, and therefore the importance of adopting sustainable practices.

The collaboration with Treedom, was not limited only to the team-building day, also to reflect the conviction of the company representatives that training on social and environmental issues is the first step in order to be a driver of change. To underscore its commitment to sustainability, Nidec Conversion decided to actively use the platform and contribute to the preservation of the planet with the planting of one hundred trees divided between the continents of Africa and South America.

Nidec will continue to operate under the banner of innovation and efficiency on a global scale, with a unified approach and with the purpose of always delivering advanced technologies. At the same time, it is committed to promoting greater awareness of green best practices that can make a difference for the environment.


See Nidec’s Treedom Forest here: