Aluminium & Non-ferrous Mills



Automation systems for Aluminium & Non Ferrous Mills

Customized solutions designed for Aluminium & Non Ferrous mills

Nidec Conversion began supplying automation and control systems for aluminium & non-ferrous mills in the 1990’s developing advanced technological controls and mathematical models that help optimize product quality. We have worked on projects in the US, China, India, Russia and Mexico. Our automation suite ARTICS Non Ferrous can be custom tailored to your plant to improve your production output and quality.

ARTICS Non Ferrous is available for:

  • Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills
  • Aluminum Intermediate Mills
  • Aluminum Foil Mills
  • Copper Mills, Brass Mills
  • Aluminum Casters
  • Smelters

Aluminium & Non-ferrous Mills

Process Controls

ARTICS Non-ferrous
Advanced control systems for non-ferrous mills

Our experience and know-how in aluminium rolling technology guarantees high-performance Level 2 functions and mathematical models for:

  • Pass Schedule Calculation
  • Setup Management
  • Coil Management
  • Historical Data Management
  • Alarms and Warnings and Entry Messages
  • Level 3 Data Exchange

Technological controls

ARTICS Non ferrous
Better results in production and quality of non-ferrous products

Our advanced automation and control suite contains technological controls that contribute to maximize final product quality.

Key features include:

  • Strip Transportation
  • Stand Main Hydraulic Controls
  • Thickness and Tension Control
  • Roll Eccentricity Compensation
  • Automatic Flatness Control
  • Setup Management
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