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There’s no stopping Nidec ASI, now supplying a battery energy storage system worth $30.5 million


This is the first BESS plant built by Nidec ASI in the United States where there is great potential in the battery energy storage market which is essential for realizing the vision of a greener world 


Milan, 24 September 2020 – Nidec ASI, the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform belonging to the Nidec Group, has supplied battery energy storage systems (BESS) for a new important US project. This plant meets new global environmental and energy needs and the growing demand to adopt renewables which, thanks to energy storage solutions, can become even more widespread, thus contributing to containing pollutant emissions and accelerating the energy transition from fossil fuels to solar, wind and hydro power.


The project, which will go into full production in 2021, is Nidec ASI’s first in the United States, an ever-expanding market for battery storage systems, which confirms the company’s vast experience in this sector. The project, for which Nidec ASI is acting as Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor, while also taking care of maintenance services for 10 years, involves the installation of a complete battery storage system, consisting of 12 units. The BESS site will make it possible to avoid grid congestion during peaks in demand and store any surplus renewable energy produced which can then be put back in the grid to guarantee stability at all times, recovering all the excess energy produced by the PV systems installed in the area.


Battery storage systems become an integral part of the new energy strategy and modern electricity grids, as key elements for realizing the vision of a sustainable and electric future. Nidec ASI, with over 700 MWh of BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) installed all over the world, from Italy to France (where the most recent project was realized in collaboration with RTE) to the Maldives, is a technological reference leader and supplier in this sector – as also certified by the latest Bloomberg NEF report – and as a key player engaged in the green energy revolution.


More specifically, Nidec ASI will supply a modular and scalable system created ad hoc for this project and made up of 12 BESS units, each managed as a Power Station


A truly important project, which marks our entry into the United States BESS market and which comes at a complex time for the world economy; I couldn’t be more proud. In fact, it has demonstrated the commitment, constancy and value of all our professionals who, even in a difficult context, have never stopped but continued to work in safety in order to provide the best solutions and all the components necessary to guarantee progress in projects of international relevance such as this, helping to bring electricity to everyone, everywhere “, Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions, declared. “This project shows yet again Nidec ASI’s commitment to energy transition for a future that is 100% electric and with a very low environmental impact, offering innovative and customized solutions which are always able to guarantee grid stability”.


The project, together with the pilot test in collaboration with RTE in France, and the numerous other success cases around the world, make Nidec ASI a real leader in the transition to renewable energy to combat climate change and curb the rise in atmospheric pollution produced, favouring the transition from a development model with high carbon emissions to a sustainable and green one.