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The ideal solution for any types of industrial DC applications

DC drives


Nidec Conversion DC converters: a family of compact, high performance three-phase AC/DC thyristor converters with two or four quadrant operation, high, dynamic response, ease of customization and fully digital control.

These drives are the ideal solution for any type of industrial DC applications, from the simplest to the most complex.

They have been designed for use in industrial environments and are the response to application requirements in the steel, paper, cement, naval and industrial sectors.

Our DC converters are user-friendly and offer*:

  • Precise control of motors and motor-generator sets
  • Wide selection of communication protocols
  • Checking of the status of the drive at power on and tachogenerator connections
  • Converter configuration without the use of special tools
  • Automatic calibration, thanks to the auto-tuning function
  • Display of main variables and faults
  • Recording of main variables


(*Features vary by model and not all models support all of the above features. Confirm model features with your sales respresentative)

Our product family includes: Answer Drives DC, ADDVANTAGE-32, Mentor MP.


  • Current ratings:
    25-4000A DC
  • Input Voltage:
    240 – 950 V AC
  • Power range:
    3.7 kW to 12 MW
  • Voltage:
    230 – 1500 V DC

Download 15 Day Trial of ADDapt 3 v2.0 software

15 Day Trial of ADDapt 3 v2.0 software for your ADDvantage-32 and ADDvantage-32 Plus DC Drives

Faster, easier, more intuitive software extends operating system support to Windows 7-10. Productivity enhancements include a real time screen data historian and multi-windowing of drive parameter tables. Easily save your reports as PDF, Word, or CSV files. New real time trending screens for analog and digital signals. Block viewer is available as an option.Email [email protected] for pricing information.


Existing ADDapt 3 users need to contact Nidec Conversion immediately after installing the latest version of ADDapt 3 for a new product code. This will prevent loss of access to ADDapt 3 after the 15 day trial period has expired. Installation of version 2.0 will remove previous versions of ADDapt 3; however, any configuration .cal/cfg and real-time files will not be removed by the installation.

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